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Performance Coaching

Discover Your Ideal Performance State

Recreate your internal and external environments from the past that helped you become a high performance athlete. Then develop a mindset that will help you toward a major breakthrough in your sport, business, health and life. This personalized Peak Performance Coaching program will empower you to become a stronger, mentally tough athlete or individual striving on a path towards concrete goals and your dreams.

You will benefit from:

  • A weekly personalized coaching & learning experience with Pierre Beauchamp, Ph.D.
  • Ready-to-use workbook and exercises to accelerate your learning and progress
  • A peak performance coach to help you achieve your dreams and goals
  • Motivational articles, DVD’s and messages to inspire you on your mission

Using this Peak Performance Success Formula, you will:

  • Achieve you Ideal Performance State consistently with improved performance results
  • Enhance intrinsic motivation and confidence to break through mental barriers
  • Discover the unlimited power of your mind, body, & spirit to realize your life purpose
  • Create a healthy, balanced lifestyle, professionally and on a personal level
  • Manage stress and pressure situations effectively
  • Discover new and creative ways to achieve your dreams and goals

Types of delivery:

  • Personal Coaching is convenient and affordable.

  • You call in on your telephone from your home or office at a regularly scheduled weekly time. Sessions are easy to arrange, regardless of location.

  • On-site appointments can also be arranged with appropriate travel arrangements

 To register - for your coaching session:

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