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Policy & Guidelines

Admission to and use of Elite Strength and Conditioning is subject to the following Terms and Conditions

1.         Persons behaving in a manner likely to disrupt the enjoyment of others may be asked to leave.  No refunds will be given. 

2.         Elite Strength and Conditioning may refuse admission, suspend or cancel membership where persons display inappropriate behaviour. 

3.         Elite Strength and Conditioning reserves the right to amend or introduce any rules or price changes necessary to ensure the smooth running and financial viability of the facilities. At least 14 days notice will be given to all members regarding membership amendments. 

4.         Elite Strength and Conditioning reserves the right to take advance club membership bookings for use of the facility.  

5.         All membership fees must be paid for in advance unless otherwise agreed by the Chairman. 

6.         Membership cancellations. No refunds are given for cancellation of membership status.  

7.         All members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by or under the supervision of an adult, unless taking part in an organised Elite Strength and Conditioning session.

8.         Individual members should always identify themselves with their membership card on attending the club. 

9.         Member pay as you go fees must be paid in advance of their session starting. Fees must be handed to the supervising coach, and members should sign the daily register identifying their name, the time of entry and fee paid. 

10.      All membership use is subject to availability of facilities. We reserve the right to close access for maintenance or special events. 

11.       Users of Elite Strength and Conditioning do so at their own risk and management will not accept responsibility for damage, accident or loss to vehicles or property. 

12.       All members must read, understand and sign an Elite Strength and Conditioning induction form that outlines the appropriate usage of the facility and its equipment. 

13.       Individual members who wish to use Elite Strength and Conditioning outside of the normal opening hours, can do via special arrangement with the Chairman or Vice Chairman. Members must be in pairs to enable this to happen.

14.       All members under the age of 16 years must be accompanied to and from the centre by a parent or guardian, unless prior permission in writing has been granted.



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